Frank’s Who, What & Why…

It is extremely important for me to be clear as to the reasons I am running for Mayor, against two candidates, current Mayor Kenn Weiss and current Vice-Mayor Stephanie Karlin, whom I know, like and respect.

The primary reason is simple.  I believe strongly in my abilities to provide unquestioned leadership in order to make tough decisions based upon my living, working, raising a family and service to my community that neither of the other candidates can duplicate.  My door will always be open to anyone wanting to live, work, play or invest in Avondale.  It is essential that we have a Mayor who is willing to meet with and listen to entities regarding their questions, concerns, issues or projects and I promise to have an open-mind when having those discussions.

Bringing quality jobs is a priority; and, again, I believe my background and experience in owning and operating several businesses in Avondale gives me an edge over my opponents.  I know what it is like to meet the responsibilities and obligations directly related to making payroll, complying with regulatory requirements, addressing personnel issues and making sure my employees are motivated and satisfied with their work environment.

Public safety is another area in which I have a strong affinity.  The daily challenges our first responders face in a very uncertain, and sometimes dangerous world, requires that the Mayor understand and appreciate the men and women who wear the uniform. With over three and a half years of boots on the ground experience with the Avondale Police Department and our Fire Department Code Enforcement Division. I bring to the table an insight that far surpassed any of the other candidates.

Lastly, I made the decision to self-fund my campaign so that there will be no doubt about how dedicated I am to doing what is right for Avondale and not be beholden to special interests or campaign donors.  This decision was not reached lightly, and it was done with the full support of my family.  I want to earn your vote.

Please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts about what you expect from your Mayor, the City Council, City Staff and other stakeholders.   Cell: 602-397-1977   Email:

Or simply use this link to contact me.

The right Mayor for Avondale